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April 22, 2022

Reynaldo Santana: Does It Make Sense to Setup a Not For Profit Too?

Reynaldo is a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker and expert in business development, smart real estate and technologies. He enj…

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April 20, 2022

Janine Hamner Holman - Unengaged Employees Lead to Very Poor CX

Janine Hamner Holman is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and expert on conscious leadership, organizational develop…

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April 15, 2022

Joe Welu: FinTech CX Leader Talks on How to Build a Total Solution

Joe Welu is the founder and CEO of Total Expert, the fintech software leader that launched the first customer experience platform…

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April 13, 2022

Bruno Pešec: Intuition + Insights + Data = Better Decisions

Bruno Pešec helps business leaders innovate profitably. He is the rare innovator who can claim that he's worked on a regulation-d…

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April 8, 2022

Stormie Andrews: Lead Gen Challenges in a CX-Centric World

Stormie Andrews is the co-founder of Yokel Local, Nevada’s premier inbound marketing agency located in Las Vegas. Since 2010, Yok…

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April 6, 2022

Terry Begue: You Have My Permission to Nit Pick

Terry Begue is the owner Begue Painting Inc. and the author of “Attract & Keep Customers for Life” As a business owner, Internati…

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April 4, 2022

Matt Ward: Is There Anything Better than Word of Mouth

In 2002 Matt began working with business owners through his digital marketing agency, inConcert Web Solutions, to improve their b…

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March 30, 2022

Ben Bressington: Unlock the Code to Personality & Influence

Benjamin Bressington is the CEO of Behavior Sales, a leading personality intelligence company. Benjamin is also a speaker and aut…

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March 25, 2022

Glenn Rudin: Would You Do Business With You?

Do your potential customers know why they should be buying from your company? Is your Message crystal clear? Glenn has been worki…

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March 22, 2022

Ravi Pratap: Brands Now Have a Simple Secret Weapon To Win at CX

Ravi Pratap is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Mobstac, a QR code generator and mobile marketing platform, where h…

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March 16, 2022

Heather Bennett: Better Qualified Connections Through Personal Brandi…

Heather H. Bennett is a marketing strategist and personal brand coach that lives and works in Chicago, Illinois. Drawing from ove…

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March 11, 2022

Will Haire: What Does Success Look Like as an Amazon Seller

Will is the Co-Founder and CEO of BellaVix. He has 8+ years of experience working in eCommerce. Will has also been fortunate to w…

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March 9, 2022

Peter Christian: Stories From a Great Career

Peter H. Christian was a founding partner and president of espi, a business consulting firm in Northeastern PA. Previously he was…

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March 4, 2022

Mike Hicks: Evolving Employee Engagement and Experience

Mike Hicks is a B2B software marketing veteran and recognized digital transformation thought leader with 20+ years’ experience le…

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Feb. 28, 2022

Michael Buzinksi: Rule of 26

Michael Buzinski is the Founder and CEO of Buzzbizz Media, an award-winning multimedia and marketing firm dedicated to the needs …

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Feb. 25, 2022

Michael Unbroken: How to Think Unbroken

Michael’s journey is not dissimilar to that of millions of people around the world. He grew up in chaos. His mother was a drug ad…

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Feb. 18, 2022

Howard Tiersky: Winning Digital Customers

Howard Tiersky is the author of the WSJ bestselling book Winning Digital Customers: The Antidote to Irrelevance. He is also the f…

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Feb. 16, 2022

Dr. Lance Knaub: Patient Experience in a Healthcare Business

Dr. Lance Knaub, Best Selling author of The 4% Break-Thru , and founder of Denali Consulting helps entrepreneurs with 6 figure bu…

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Feb. 11, 2022

Paul Ruppert: Why The Mobile Phone Business Grew at Lightning Speeds

Paul Ruppert is a CPaaS veteran mobile services executive, consultant and holder of 2 tech patents enabling global text messaging…

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Feb. 9, 2022

Peter Voss: How a Serial AI Founder Sees the Future of AI

Peter Voss is a Serial Entrepreneur, Engineer, Inventor and a Pioneer in Artificial Intelligence. Peter started in electronics en…

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Feb. 4, 2022

Tom Shapiro: Rethink Lead Generation

Tom Shapiro is a B2B marketing leader bringing you lateral thinking and marketing innovation to unleash growth. Through the years…

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Jan. 31, 2022

Patti Mara: UpSolutions (Customer Experience Before it Was a Term)

In her coaching and her business, Patti Mara is always looking for the “shifting point”—the piece of the puzzle that opens up a n…

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Jan. 28, 2022

Charlotte Crabtree: If You Care Enough About Investing In Your Team's…

Charlotte Crabtree is the founder and head coach at Reflex Coaching. Equine-Facilitated Learning is the main practice that she le…

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Jan. 14, 2022

Rama Sreenivasan: Remote Video is the Way to Your Customer's Hearts a…

Rama Sreenivasan is co-founder and CEO of Blitzz - a live, remote video support and inspection platform. Founded in 2017, Blitzz …

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Jan. 12, 2022

Dave Erickson: Service CX - Match Customer Types to the Right Service…

Dave Erickson has 30 years of very diverse business experience covering marketing, sales, branding, licensing, publishing, produc…

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Jan. 7, 2022

Mike Malatesta: An Entrepreneur's Career Experiences

Mike loves supporting and helping entrepreneurs bring their dreams to fruition, break through barriers, and achieve massive succ…

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Jan. 5, 2022

RJ Grinshaw: Art & Science of Business - Intrapreneuship

RJ is the President and CEO for UniFi Equipment Finance; A wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bank of Ann Arbor. RJ joined Bank of An…

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Dec. 31, 2021

John's Crazy Socks - Spreading Happiness One Pair of Socks at a Time

John and Mark Cronin are the father-son team that founded John’s Crazy Socks, the world’s largest sock store. John is an entrepre…

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Dec. 29, 2021

Michael Solomon: Ramping Up Your Customer Engagement Machine

Michael Solomon is a professor of marketing in the Haub School of Business at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. He is al…

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Dec. 22, 2021

Ryan Warriner: Frameworks to Pitch, Present and Sell

Ryan J. Warriner is the Director and Executive Coach of Professional Presentation Services. With over a decade of professional sp…

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Dec. 17, 2021

Daniel Blue: How to Develop Trust in Financial Markets

Daniel is an entrepreneur, podcaster, best-selling author, and speaker. He’s the owner of Quest Education, a company that helps e…

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Dec. 15, 2021

Alan Lazaros: Never Let Them Feel the Behind-The-Scenes

Alan Lazaros is a professional speaker & business coach specializing in helping businesses maximize their growth, impact & profit…

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Dec. 10, 2021

James Hipkin: The 5 Ways Customers Contribute Revenue

Over a 40 years career, James worked in marketing and advertising at a high level. Since 2010, he has built his clients’ business…

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Dec. 8, 2021

Michael Epstein: Back to the Future Marketing Campaigns

Michael Epstein has served as CMO of multiple Ecommerce Brands, where he leveraged mailing as a way to improve customer loyalty,…

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Dec. 3, 2021

Ty Belknap: Make Google Highlight Local Businesses Over National

Dr. Ty Belknap is a techy-nerd internet marketing coach, SEO specialist, introvert and author. The first book he co-authored, Spe…

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Dec. 1, 2021

Wayne Mullins: Make Mundane Things into Remarkable Experiences

Wayne Mullins is a passionate entrepreneur committed to creating remarkable experiences, and building a team at Ugly Mug Marketin…

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Nov. 26, 2021

Danna Olivo: Turning Your Customers into Raving Fans

Danna Olivo is a business growth strategist, serial entrepreneur, and public speaker who has over 35 years of experience in the a…

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Nov. 24, 2021

Flip Brown : On Becoming a Customer Magnet

Flip Brown is the Founder and Owner of Business Culture Consultants. He runs his organization with the sole objective of helping …

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Nov. 19, 2021

Joe Balestrino: Marketing Makes Connections and Enables Experiences

Joe is a freelance SEO consultant with more than 17 years experience. He started out as a self taught web designer in the mid-nin…

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Nov. 17, 2021

Adam Sinkus: Navigating the Business of Social Media

Adam Sinkus is Digital Marketing Specialist and a Culture-Driven Leadership trainer and consultant. He’s the host of The Winning …

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Nov. 10, 2021

Michael Lawder : AI, Chat and Contact Center Agents Evolve

Michael leads the Customer Experience team at ASAPP. He works with customers like JetBlue, American Airlines, and Dish to help th…

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Nov. 5, 2021

Carnelia Ajasin: Your Technology Is Being Severely Under-Utilized and…

Today I'm joined by another interesting guest. Carnellia Ajasin. She is the CEO of Mind Katalyst, an innovation design and strat…

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Nov. 3, 2021

Paul Cowan: Human Interactions and Relationships Never Go Our of Style

advertising agencies before opening his own agency. As a psychotherapist, Paul has worked with individuals and couples & also con…

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Nov. 1, 2021

Tab Pierce: How Did One Business Leader Overcome and Conquer All Odds…

Tab pierce is a mentor, speaker, and the president of Caliber Security Partners; an organization that helps businesses transition…

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Oct. 29, 2021

David Horsager: 6 ways to measure trust, close the gaps and confident…

David is an entrepreneur, professor, Keynote speaker, and the author of a best selling leadership book; The Trust Edge. His work…

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Oct. 27, 2021

Ruben Ugarte : Is Data Getting in Your Way of Making Good Decisions?

Ruben Ugarte is a Data and Decision Strategist. He’s also the author of the Data Mirage: Why Companies Fail to Actually Use Their…

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Oct. 25, 2021

Brian Bergford: CX + Performance = Business Magic

Brian Bergford is what many would call a Personal Performance Magician. He specializes in performance psychology, and coaches and…

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Oct. 15, 2021

Tim Creasey: CHANGE, How Did the Entire Business World Move to Work F…

Tim Creasey is the Chief Innovation Officer at Prosci. He’s a dynamic speaker, researcher and thought leader on managing the Peop…

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Oct. 14, 2021

Mark Noon: C4=Communication, Concern, Coordination & Confidence in He…

Mark Noon is the founder of Leadership10 an organization that seeks to create leaders who boldly impact their organizations, comm…

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Oct. 11, 2021

Linda Basso : Are you CX Authentic?

Linda is a speaker, author, and coach who focuses on authenticity as a way to help small business owners take their next best ste…

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