Bruno Pešec: Intuition + Insights + Data = Better Decisions

April 13, 2022

Bruno Pešec: Intuition + Insights + Data = Better Decisions

Bruno Pešec: Intuition + Insights + Data = Better Decisions
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Bruno Pešec helps business leaders innovate profitably. 

He is the rare innovator who can claim that he's worked on a regulation-defying freight train and an award-winning board game. 

In addition to his corporate experience with brands like DNV, DNB, and Kongsberg Group, Bruno runs a community of entrepreneurs of several thousand members. 

He is currently undertaking a doctorate in organizational change, with a specific focus on the issues with innovation in large enterprises.

Key Takeaways

  • Exploring what being a minimalist world traveler means. 
  • Insight into Bruno’s new book Augmented strategy: How to combine human intuition with insights from data, to make better strategic decisions faster.  
  • How to convert the overwhelming amounts of data that are at our disposal and use it to enhance our decision-making processes.
  • The different types of data that are out there and which ones business leaders should be keen on.
  • Why most companies just collect cx data and do not take action, thus leaving them stuck in the primitive stages. 
  • Knowledge and information management within an organization. 
  • Identifying high stake decisions. 
  • Modern innovation strategies. Why companies should tackle problems individually when creating a foundation. 

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