Joe Welu: FinTech CX Leader Talks on How to Build a Total Solution

April 15, 2022

Joe Welu: FinTech CX Leader Talks on How to Build a Total Solution

Joe Welu: FinTech CX Leader Talks on How to Build a Total Solution
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Joe Welu is the founder and CEO of Total Expert, the fintech software leader that launched the first customer experience platform purpose-built for modern financial institutions. 

Since 2015, Joe has led Total Expert's vision, culture and growth to nearly 300 employees today. 

The company powers RM, marketing and customer engagement for more than 150 companies-from leading community banks and credit unions, to 3 of the nation's top 10 banks, and 9 of the top 15 mortgage lenders. 

Total Expert's growth has skyrocketed since its inception; in 2020 alone, it ranked #17 in the Inc. 5,000 Most Successful Companies in the Midwest, #3 in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal's 2020 Fast 50, and #82 in the Deloitte Tech Fast 500.

Key Takeaways

  • Is the level of service still the differentiator in financial services and banking? 
  • Why most financial service organizations and banks are still unable to bridge the gaps and capitalize on the full potential of a great customer experience 
  • How banks and financial institutions can leverage the huge amounts of data they receive into designing a customer journey mapCombining the C.X data, CRM data, and the leading data so that organizations can have a better customer lifetime value, whilst taking into account the dynamic ever-evolving nature of the customer's profile
  • Why companies should revisit their customer profile more often;How change has affected the customer's way of thinking, their behavior, and ultimately the way they interact with a product or a service, and that's 
  • Relationship building via quality communication
  • How Joe and his team address the knowledge gaps or the process gaps present in an organization. 

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