Ben Bressington: Unlock the Code to Personality & Influence

March 30, 2022

Ben Bressington: Unlock the Code to Personality & Influence

Ben Bressington: Unlock the Code to Personality & Influence
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Benjamin Bressington is the CEO of Behavior Sales, a leading personality intelligence company. 

Benjamin is also a speaker and author of multiple books. With the latest book “People Ignorant: Unlocking Success, Confidence & Influence.”

Ben has a Law & Criminology degree from Australia. He spent 10 years helping Fortune 1000 companies apply gamification principles to their sales and communication process.  And now spends his time helping people improve their sales conversations. Specifically helping people to close deals faster and discover the hidden opportunities in our daily communication.

If you’ve ever wanted to have more influence, persuasion, or close deals faster. You will love listening to what we are talking about in this episode. 

Key Takeaways. 

  • Learn how personality impacts your business sales, and how you can use it  to get more leads. 
  • The four major bird personalities. Learn how to communicate, lead and manage the different personalities in your business setting.
  • The great resignation. How to detect unsatisfied employees and help them before they decide to quit or pivot.
  • Information management. How to prep for and ensure a smooth workflow in case a valuable employee decides to leave. 
  • The body languages you should watch out for when closing a client.  
  • How to analyze your zoom calls for more data. 

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