Peter Voss: How a Serial AI Founder Sees the Future of AI

Feb. 9, 2022

Peter Voss: How a Serial AI Founder Sees the Future of AI

Peter Voss: How a Serial AI Founder Sees the Future of AI
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Peter Voss is a Serial Entrepreneur, Engineer, Inventor and a Pioneer in Artificial Intelligence.  

Peter started in electronics engineering, then fell in love with software. His first major success was developing a comprehensive ERP package and taking that company from Zero to 400-person IPO in seven years.

Fueled by the fragile nature of software, Peter embarked on a journey 15+ years ago studying what intelligence is, how it develops in humans, and the current state of AI. This research culminated in the creation of our natural language intelligence engine that can think, learn, and reason -- and adapt to, and grow with the user.

Currently, Peter focused on commercializing the second generation of his AGI-based ‘Conversational AI’ technology called Aigo

Key Takeaways. 

  • Peter explains what artificial general intelligence is, and how he coined the term. 
  • Peter’s journey in starting SmartAction in 2006; And how this company disrupted the contact center industry. 
  • What Peter hopes to achieve with cranking up the IQ of AI technology.
  • Interpreting AI from the eyes of the customer. 
  • What the future holds for the many generations of AI that are in daily contact with the customer. 
  • How can we create a better customer experience by using systems
  • The determining factors behind AI systems with high reasoning capabilities
  • The various advantages of incorporating High IQ, AI systems into company automation services both for the consumer and the company.
  • The vast use cases of chatbots and their applications in various industries.

Connect with Peter. 

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