Tom Shapiro: Rethink Lead Generation

Feb. 4, 2022

Tom Shapiro: Rethink Lead Generation

Tom Shapiro: Rethink Lead Generation
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Tom Shapiro is a B2B marketing leader bringing you lateral thinking and marketing innovation to unleash growth. Through the years, he has helped clients generate more than one million new business leads.

Tom is the Author of “Rethink your Marketing; 7 Strategies to Unleash Revenue Growth. 

He specializes in marketing strategy, digital strategy, lead generation, SEO, content marketing, conversion optimization and behavioral analysis

Tom is also Passionate about Neuroscience, Psychology, and Behavioral Science. 

Tom’s thoughts have been published in Chief Marketer,, CNN, Forbes, and MarketingProfs, and he’s spoken at more than 30 industry events including INBOUND, Pubcon, and Digital Summit.

For the second time round, Tom joins me on the podcast today as we discuss digital marketing, lead generation and content generation. 

Key Takeaways.

  • Rethinking your lead generation strategy. How and why stale marketing and lack of innovation has grown to become a stumbling block for most companies 
  • How the Covid pandemic has affected the events industry. 
  • The customer centric approach used by Tom and his team to analyze and understand customer needs. 
  • A sneak into Tom’s book. Why the craziest and most laughable ideas can turn out to be the best ideas.
  • The importance of revisiting your website inorder to innovate and generate more leads.
  • Learning to create web content that focuses on the customer. 

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