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Steve keeps getting better at this.

Top show

Can’t wait to see how you evolve your show over time.

5 star

I don’t usually write reviews but after your last half dozen episodes, I felt I needed to

Great stuff

Thanks for all the great stuff.


Bravo to you.

please keep going.

Please keep going. I know a few podcasters and I know how hard it is to stay consistent over a few years.

I have listened

This was very entertaining, and I also learn a ton of great techniques.

Good Guest

I like your guests, but it is evident that Steve is the expert to listen too also.

Top business podcast

I like the way you bring such a wide group of experts from all areas of business and flip the script to point it at the Customer every time.

Top podcast

I listen to about 10 business podcasts and yours is the first one up in my queue.

Nice episode

I really like Tom Shapiro’s episode. In fact I bought his new book.

Peter Voss is great

I learned so much hearing Peter Voss talk about how AI has evolved.

Good episodes

How do you keep pumping out great episodes?

Good listener

All I can say is, “thank you”

Wow! nice podcast.

Really this is top podcast show in iTunes. I love this podcast. I want to more episode. I like this podcast. Enjoying listening to this podcast. The stories are inspirational


Apple Amazing podcast show!!! One word: amazing!! I love this show

Beautiful podcast show

All the best Good podcast. The best i tell you. Listening to this podcast for some time now and every episodes is packed with information. keep it up! Really this podcast is fantastic

Great show

5 star review. Educational Fun and Informative!! Subscribe and Listen!!!

Love it

This is very informative. I can't wait for the next podcast. Really this is top podcast show. I love this podcast. New listener here and so far I'm loving each episodes! I hope it gets better with each episodes

Very informative

This is awesome stuff

Awesome podcast

Great and vital information. Love this podcast. The content are great and informative! I have listen to many other podcast, this provide the best content and education by far!

Top podcast

Top podcast. I Like this podcast. Outstanding information.

Over the top

Every episodes is gold! Love this podcast and finally someone who truly knows what they are doing!

Top podcast

Keep going.


Love this. Where can I get one of your tshirts?


When is your livestream starting?

Good podcast.

Loved the discussion with the UX Head at Zappos.

5 stars



Really this is top podcast. I love this show very much


Really doing a nice job.