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Amazing podcast

Goes beyond my expectations


Steve seems to build an instant rapport with his guests and knows how to interview well.

Great Guest*****

Sounds like your guests have a blast on your show. Makes

I am fan Steve

I for one feel it is a fabulous listening experience.

Good show

It feels like you read my mind and ask the next question as it popped into my head.

Top podcast

Steve Pappas delivers a program unlike others.


Nice work


The RJ Grimshaw episode was eye opening!

Steve Pappas

I look forward to Wed and Fri.


I love this podcast very much. Awesome show with great host, guest and format

Full of information

Nice podcast show. Thanks for producing great content, keep it up!

Great content

Amazing show! Great content! I hope you upload more episodes per week! Thanks


Can you give more insight into what the new show that will be live is going to be about?

Steve Pappas

I would personally like to thank you.

Business show

Tell us more about your own startups and businesses.

Top podcast show

Steve obviously has CX in his blood


You go way beyond any other CX show

I have listened

Always learning from you

Great all episodes

Kudos on each episode

Good listen

Big shout out to Steve and his wonderful team behind the scenes on a well-done production.

Top podcast show

Helped me succeed during the pandemic.


My company has been listening to each season. Our boss makes it a must listen to podcast.

Great podcast

Thank you for the great podcast and for answering my questions I sent through the website.

Good podcast show

I see you have had on a few Digital Marketing Agencies, but I got so much valuable insight from each. I like the way you angled each episode differently.


Been noticing you have been really upping your game with this entire season.

Nice show

Had to comment on one awesome episode you had with Mark and John from John’s Crazy Socks.

Top podcast

Something Dave Erickson said in his episode really stood out to me as a consultant. He matches the right personality of the consultant on a project with the personality type of the customer they are working with. So valuable.


I love the homework assignments your guests give us.

Good podcast

If you don’t listen religiously, you are really missing out.

Business podcast

One of the best business podcasts. Period.