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Steve is an excellent interviewer who gets valuable information/key points while still keeping things conversational. Each episode's filled with real insights and actionable advice. Highly recommend that you subscribe and listen to this show!

A feed-favorite!

Steve is one of the best podcast hosts in the game! The conversations he leads are incredible engaging, as well as informative and inspiring. Go ahead and give Science of CX a follow, it will quickly become a favorite in your feed!

Straightforward and highly informative

Learned a lot about customer experience. The guests provide fantastic insight and deep probing into customer experience. I learn a lot from each episode. Steve's way of driving conversations with guests is second to none.


You have such a wealth of knowledge and are so generous to give that to us.

Top podcast show*****

Well done. You really do your homework, Steve.


I am loving the Two Minute segments too.

Top podcast

Love the editing and pace of the show. Not too fast, not too slow. I always feel engaged and wanting more.

Top business podcast

Great approach to business. No nonsense, just gives everything that helps business owners and leaders.

5 stars review

Will you LiveStream be here on LinkedIn when it starts? I think it will be great just as your podcast is.

All episodes good

Great job on every episode. I don't know how you find all these experts that are on the podcast, but I hope you keep 'em coming

Top Business Podcast

This goes way beyond Customer Experience. It is so much more of an all around business show. The name might seem a bit limiting, but Steve's scope covers a lot of valuable ground.


There is a group of us that share the latest episode learnings from the Science Of CX. It always creates a powerful brainstorming session that we learn from. I thought you guys should know how impactful this show has been.


Gotta love the virtual green room running joke. How about those virtual green skittles and m&ms. Haha

Steve Pappas

Steve is so real in his approach with his information and his guests. I bet they have a blast.

Amazing show

Sometimes, I get a little backed on all my podcasts. Life gets in the way. When I go back to start listening, the Science of CX is the very first one in my rotation.

Great show

Keeps getting better all the time.

Top Podcast

A real top-notch business show.

Cx Podcast

Science Of CX makes it easy to learn many new topics that have direct impact on customer experience as well as help our employees feel engaged and valued.

5 star

Steve himself has a knack of getting so much out of his guests every episode. I must say, that I highly recommend this podcast to anyone that asks me what they should listen to for business advice.

Steve is great

Steve and his team do such a great job of consistently bringing great guests on the show that are real experts, not just folks looking to expand their sales.

Business Podcast

This is truly one of the top business podcasts available on Apple. It is a hidden gem with so much value


Thanks for your expertise, I look forward to your show every download.


Got me through the toughest part of the pandemic.

Great podcast show

I laughed so hard when I hear you talk about your virtual green room and the virtual M&Ms.

Top podcast

Dude! You rock!

Nice podcast

Best time I can spend learning and being entertained at the same time.


Steve covers so much territory in 35 minutes.

Great podcast

I highly recommend this podcast to any entrepreneurs out there looking for the right

Top podcast

Awesome! I love this podcast

I love this show for Steve

I will keep on listening as long as you produce