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I like this i have written review

I never write reviews by on a recent episode I was listening in my car and had to pull over so I could take notes.

Fantastic podcast

Steve’s style is awesome. Great podcast. Thank you.

Good podcast

Steve Pappas is a great CX Expert. I can’t wait for each new episode.

Really this is top podcast

I can’t believe the ScienceOfCX is totally free. I get so much value for my 30 minutes invested.

Steve is the consummate podcaster

Steve is the consummate podcaster. Very giving of his knowledge of many years in business and through 6 startups.

I have listen this podcast

I am so pleased you started this podcast. I have listened to a number of business podcasts and they all feel like they are selling something. Not here. Just great info.

We have enjoyed this podcast

Me and my team have really enjoyed your podcast. We all listen to it to build our company CX.

5 star review

I don’t normally write reviews. I rather just hit the like buttons, but after hearing Steve interview John’s Crazy Socks. Mark and John were such a delight and inspiring, I had to send a review as a thank you.

Good podcast show

Science Of CX really hits the marks for well-rounded business advice, well thought out shows and great guests. I have even bought a few of your guest’s books. Got the New Chameleon from Michael Solomon.

All episode is good

Kudos on such a wealth of knowledge that you are giving us all. I really liked a recent episode with Mike Malatesta. Great insights.

5 star

Steve has a knack of providing valuable information on a subject just when I think I need it. Maybe I just use it once I learn from him and his guests. Either way, it is great.

Top podcast show

I was looking for a podcast where I could learn more about Customer Experience strategies. Steve does a phenomenal job not only imparting his expertise, but also getting great and usable nuggets from his guest experts.

I like this podcast

I am so glad I found the Science of CX Podcast. It has helped me in business in many new ways.

First Class

Steve is doing podcasting right with his show. Great guests and lots of value!

Love this Podcast

Steve is a great listen. He offers great insights and shares ideas ways to grow a business.

Great show and great host!

Steve brings great value to his guests with a well thought out show that provides real value

Succinct, Distinct, and Helpful

The right set of conversations with the right types of people in the business!

Good learnings - CX

Steve Pappas is an insightful and engaging host who offers real-life information on how to positively impact our customer’s experience and to turn them into valuable brand ambassadors. His creative approaches make this podcast worth my listening time!

Finally, a business podcast worth the time

I’m a podcast junkie who’s been disappointed by business podcasts made by businesspeople. “The Science of CX” has proven a pleasant surprise. The host combines interesting ideas with a great—I mean a great!—natural speaking ability. The length is ideal, too, right in that Goldilocks zone of not too long and not too short.