In 2022 Your Business Needs to Develop a Customer Promise

March 8, 2022

In 2022 Your Business Needs to Develop a Customer Promise

In 2022 Your Business Needs to Develop a Customer Promise

Making promises and keeping them is a great way to build a brand.

While driving home after work, Jennifer often peeks at billboards. From restaurants promising a free milkshake for every meal to a cigarette company announcing a strawberry flavor, she sees them all. While she's not a smoker, she wants a free milkshake.

Jennifer, like most consumers, is attracted to customer promises. Customer promises are strategies for getting customers to use your product and services. For instance, if Jennifer visits that restaurant, she expects a free milkshake alongside her order.

While they're an effective way to advertise your products and services, you should be able to deliver on your word. Let your word be your bond. Brands sometimes suffer losses because they can't meet their promises.

If you say that you offer round-the-clock customer service, there are no takebacks. Invest in a vast team of customer service agents. You don't want to overwork a team of five employees.

An Ipsos survey reveals 75% of people worldwide believe 2022 will be better than 2022. This is good news for everyone in all walks of life, especially businesses. Would you like to learn how to create a unique customer promise that'll be easy to fulfill? Read on.

Understanding the Concept of Customer Promise

Promises are an age-long tradition. The President of any country promises to bring positive change to their country. A child promises to be of good behavior. No matter how small or large, a promise deserves to be honored.

When we say “customer promise” we mean the belief in a brand’s ability to fulfill the customers’ demands. Customer promise depends on what your brand does. Let's say an auto repair shop vows to give you a free oil change for bringing your vehicle over for a check.

When you schedule an appointment, your heart is set on that free oil change. What happens when you don't get it? You become unhappy and will not recommend that business to your close friends. It doesn't matter how you advertise your customer promise.

Whether a customer sees it on a billboard, via a marketing email, social media or brand ambassadors, they expect a fulfilled promise.

Three Ways to Build a Sustainable Customer Promise

One thing that you don't want is to make a promise that's above your capacity. Promise what's within your reach. A fulfilled customer promise, no matter the size, is best for business.

We've compiled three ways to build and maintain a customer promise. See them below.

1) Prioritize the Customer

You should accept that not every customer will patronize you. But for the ones that do, focus on what they want. Conduct surveys to locate their pain points. What product or service would make life easier? What product upgrade would they adore? What could you do that would be an “Over-Deliver?”

Remember, this isn't only about increasing sales or visibility, you're also growing the rate of good CX. A good CX is a testament to how much your customer trusts you. So, as you create a customer promise, try to be unique.

2) Let Your Brand Promise Be Relevant to Customers’ Needs

Customers at a drive-thru often like quick service and support. Buyers of cars want more than mobility. They desire high performance and great gas mileage. Whatever you intend to promise customers, let it align with their needs.

Focus groups are helpful in this case. Getting people from a target audience to discuss what they'd like to see you do differently helps you to design a compelling customer promise.

3) Aim for a Short, Clear, and Passionate Customer Promise

Remember, most brand promises appear on billboards and television screens. The idea is to craft a customer promise that's easily remembered. You should also develop a straightforward customer promise.

Say what you want to do for customers in a few words. By doing so, the message is clear and convincing. Also, let your promise be passionate. Let it sink in the customers’ hearts, so they'll be inclined to patronize your business alone.

Routes to Take if You Want a Better CX Record in 2022

Nowadays, more companies are keen on bettering their customer experience. If you'd like to join in on the action, read on.

1) Open a Website for Your Brand

Not all businesses have a website, and that's a bad thing. You don't expect customers to walk into your headquarters to buy a product. Besides, we are in an ongoing pandemic.

So, having a user-friendly website that shows your ‘true brand’ bridges the gap between your customers and their desired products. The idea is to make the website a user-friendly one, so be sure to inform the website designer.

2) Chatbots Are Fast Becoming a Culture, Invest in Them

Today, customer service agents attend to only pressing issues. Chatbots are an instance of artificial intelligence (AI). What you do is to program some likely concerns about your services and the remedies onto the bot.

According to Statista, many customers like brands with a self-service portal. While it's not a complete alternative, it's an excellent strategy.

3) Deliver Top-Quality Services Always

When you patronize a brand, you expect a repeat of the amazing experience. Brands with inconsistent service delivery often suffer a high customer churn rate.

For your business to keep a customer, it should assure customers of terrific service always.

4) Take Customer Feedback Seriously

When a customer complains about the quality of their experience, respond immediately with an offer to solve the problem. What no customer wants is to be ignored whether on your social media channels, phone lines, or email.

You can also conduct surveys. Now, you must be careful with surveys. Ask only relevant questions. Before conducting surveys, ask customers whether they'd like to participate or not.

2022 is the Year for Good CX Growth

Are you ready for growth beyond sales in 2022? Consider working with our thoughts then. While not all tips apply to you, we urge you to focus on the ones that you can work with. We wish you an entirely progressive year CX-wise!