June 11, 2021

Sydney Wong: Hidden Gems of Successful Entrepreneurship

Sydney Wong: Hidden Gems of Successful Entrepreneurship

Please join us for a very informative episode with Sydney Wong of VenturX in Toronto. We covered so much in this episode from venture capital to driving better CX to increase your business's value.

Sydney Wong is an author as well as the Founder and CEO of VenturX. Her literature work, written under the pen name of David Adams, focuses on helping others be more productive and efficient. Sydney’s successful journey of her professional accomplishments have been shaped around one thing: balance. She likes to do yoga and cook to relieve her stress and take a break from her work life. Her core values consist of excellence, altruism, and drive, all of which have helped her be successful. With the current events happening and the world being on lock-down, Sydney has been committed to helping others stay on top of their game by coming out with How To Have A Good Day, a book which guides individuals on how they can keep up their routine while being stuck at home. Furthermore, she shares her best practices on her Medium blogs and through guesting on podcasts that share her values of excellence, altruism, and drive.