Sarah Miller: Customer Experiential Events Turbo-Charge Brand Awareness

June 1, 2022

Sarah Miller: Customer Experiential Events Turbo-Charge Brand Awareness

Sarah Miller: Customer Experiential Events Turbo-Charge Brand Awareness

As CEO of Axis, Sarah is a fearless, strategic, and creative leader with over 15 years of strategic experience in public relations and marketing within the Tech, Entertainment, Sports & Lifestyle Industry.

Her extensive expertise and success in leading an award-winning experiential agency combined with her in-depth creative & strategic public & media relations and experiential events have helped launch numerous start-up’s and notable brands alike. 

Sarah leads successful nationwide PR & Marketing launch campaigns for public companies as well as early stage start-ups. She has successfully taken many early stage tech companies from launch to M&A stage. 

Sarah is also the Founder & Producer of the Media Excellence Awards, one of the most prestigious and influential awards in the mobile technology, entertainment & media industry.

Key Takeaways

  • ​Understanding what experiential activities/events are. 
  • How startups and small businesses can also implement low level experiential marketing events. 
  • How a  good experience allows consumers to have a “feel good feeling” attached to your brand
  • Different ways to leverage technology in creating an immersive experience with the customers without the high cost. 
  • Allowing the consumer to understand your brand by bringing them into your backstory; giving your loyal customers a behind the scene experience.
  • How good a good experience helps to achieve the three goals of a brand; attract new customers, retain an existing market and maximize  exposure in the marketplace.
  • How  B2B/B2C  technology companies can create an immersive experience. 
  • Why personalization is always critical to the consumers.
  • Benefits of collaborating with other like-minded brands with the same kind of  DNA when it comes to experiential engagement. 

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