Roy Osing: From a Startup to $1 Billion

May 20, 2022

Roy Osing: From a Startup to $1 Billion

Roy Osing:  From a Startup to $1 Billion

Roy Osing is a former president, CMO and entrepreneur with over 40 years of successful and unmatched executive leadership experience in every aspect of business.

As President of a major data and internet company, his leadership and audacious ‘unheard-of ways’ took the company from its early stage to $1 Billion in annual sales.

He is a blogger, content marketer and mentor to young professionals. As an accomplished business advisor, he is the author of the no-nonsense book series ‘BE DiFFERENT or be dead’, with ‘The Audacious Unheard-of Ways I took a Startup to A BILLION IN SALES’ as his seventh.

Key Takeaways. 

  • How Roy came up with the concept of his book Be different or be dead. 
  • Being different in the corporate world makes sense but how different is too different and is there a limit to it?
  • We learn how to be different out of necessity and every step of the process is strategic. 
  • Roy dives into how he came to be known as the service guy all the while doing things differently. 
  • The ‘killing the dumb rules’ strategy and why it worked for Roy at his company. 
  • Roy explains what he meant when he talked about most organizations being mediocre at best these days in his book, alongside the antidote to this problem. 
  • Do organizations need to go back to some of the old world values in customer experience that have lost their meaning amidst all the tactical strategies?
  • Why businesses need to find a balance between the digital transformation that happens and the human connections and interactions. 
  • Roy’s Advice for people who are looking to startup, build, or grow their brand. 
  • Why businesses and companies should find the differentiator and capitalize on standing out. 

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