Rick Elmore: Solid Customer Retention and Acquisition Systems

April 19, 2023

Rick Elmore: Solid Customer Retention and Acquisition Systems

Rick Elmore: Solid Customer Retention and Acquisition Systems
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Rick Elmore is an entrepreneur, sales, and marketing expert.

As the Founder and CEO of Simply Noted, Rick developed a proprietary technology that puts real pen and ink to paper to scale handwritten communication, helping businesses of all industries scale this unique marketing platform to stand out from their competition and build meaningful relationships with clients, customers, and employees.

Founded in 2018 and based in Tempe, Arizona, Simply Noted has grown into a thriving company with clients of various sizes across the country including in hospitality, real estate, insurance, nonprofit, franchise, B2B, and others. 

Rick has served as the company’s CEO since its founding, for more than four years, and has over a decade of sales and marketing industry experience. In his own words, Rick helps businesses of all industries to stand out from their competition & build meaningful relationships by using unique marketing platforms. 

Key Takeaways

  • A look into Rick’s platform, Simply Noted, and what they’re doing differently that’s making them stand out from competitors
  • The quality materials and robot building system that has made it possible for Simply Noted to deliver quality goods to its clients
  • A unique client acquisition and retention process that can work magic for any business
  • Gift your customers, and why it’s  better to focus on client retention as opposed to marketing for more leads
  • Handwritten notes as a solid strategy for molding and strengthening existing business relationships

Connect with Rick

Website - https://simplynoted.com/ 

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/rick-elmore 

Twitter - https://twitter.com/RickyElmore44