Nicky Billou: Switching From "Expert" to "Thought Leader"

May 10, 2023

Nicky Billou: Switching From "Expert" to "Thought Leader"

Nicky Billou: Switching From
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Nicky Billou is a thought leader who believes in the greatness of the human soul and loves in people’s hearts. 

He acknowledges that entrepreneurs are society's greatest heroes because they have big hearts and big visions to make a difference for fellow men and women. 

In my interview with him, Nicky shares insights on the concept of "passionate sharing" and the importance of having a purpose beyond money in business. He shares stories of successful people and highlights their common traits such as; investing in continuous learning, prioritizing reading, and focusing on solving problems for people. 

We also explore the difference between being an expert and a thought leader, and the value of charging appropriately for your services. Tune in to learn how to take your business to the next level and become a successful thought leader.

Key Takeaways

  • The Concept of "Passionate Sharing", and why it’s important to dive into business with the thought of being of the benefit of others
  • Common threads among successful people, and how they value and invest in personal and professional development
  • The importance of having a mentor or coach in your life
  • Why charging appropriately benefits both you the business owner and your clients too


[00:04:36] "Thought Leadership: How to Become a Rare Gem"

[00:07:17] "From Expert to Thought Leader: Why it Matters"

[00:17:11] "Transform Your Business with These Affordable Secrets"

[00:18:46] "Charge Your Worth: How Pricing Impacts Results"

[00:23:45] "Get Your Sexy Back: The Power of Messaging"

[00:28:11] "Seven Common Habits of Ultra-Successful People"

[00:31:39] "Commit and Get Resourceful: Keys to Success"

[00:32:46] "12 Characteristics of Successful & Humble Entrepreneurs"

[00:34:49] "Easily Connect with Nicky for Change"


  • On The Difference between an expert and a thought leader: “An expert is someone who knows something. They're smart. But unfortunately, experts are a diamond dozen. There are lots of people who know something about a subject, but a thought leader on the other hand is someone who's known for knowing something by a group of people that care very deeply about what it is that they know something about. So thought leaders are rare and valuable."
  • The Importance of Business Purpose: "Business is not about dollars. It's about people. When you use your business to solve problems for people, you earn the right to make a profit and you fulfill your purpose."

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