Linda Basso : Are you CX Authentic?

Oct. 11, 2021

Linda Basso : Are you CX Authentic?

Linda Basso : Are you CX Authentic?
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Linda is a speaker, author, and coach who focuses on authenticity as a way to help small business owners take their next best step. 

Some of the projects and organizations she’s worked with include Kimpton hotels & restaurants, Jamba Juice, and Disney.  

Key Takeaways

  • The key qualities to be authentic in a business; Transparency,  honesty, originality, and being real.
  • How authenticity reflects in business “Your Brand is your outward-facing personality”
  • Building Credibility in business to attract more clients and do well in the market.
  • How to survive copying competitors - What matters is the whole experience the customer has in your company.
  • Hiring people that will carry the same Authentic Torch; Drafting job descriptions that describe the cultural vibe of your company. 
  • Why authenticity matters to customers - They get to see what the company is all about, which simplifies their choice making.
  • Key points to help companies train their employees to be more authentic

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