Kristine Scott: Conflict Resolution in a Post Pandemic World

Aug. 8, 2022

Kristine Scott: Conflict Resolution in a Post Pandemic World

Kristine Scott: Conflict Resolution in a Post Pandemic World
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In 2008, Kristine took an AmeriCorps job running a meal program for unhoused young people, and almost 50 hungry youth arrived on Kristine’s first night. What happened next was terrifying for a young, small-town white woman. 

Her purse went missing, there were fights and screaming guests, and after this, Kristine vowed to never return, until something unexpected happened. A 17-year- old guest instantly turned the chaos into quiet, polite behavior with a single phrase. 

This began Kristine’s journey of learning from those she served, people living in constant threat and conflict. Through their mentoring and hundreds of incidents, she began to see conflict as a place to deepen a connection and counter social inequity.

Kristine has since trained thousands of people on how to respond not react, and how to lean in and not lash out. She particularly enjoys working with women who are naturally skilled at de-escalation after they debunk the false narratives around gender roles. In her free time, she hangs out with her backyard ducks and sculpts scrap metal.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding what conflict resolutionary is, and how it can be beneficial 
  • The different types of workplace conflict that Kristine has been brought in to help
  • Why it’s important for companies to include conflict resolution as part of their employee training 
  • Effects of conflicts within a corporate setting where a leader has poor management skills
  • How poorly skilled supervisors can cause an organization to lose top performers
  • Kristine’s take on why “customer service in person” organizations e.g. restaurants and hospitality have seen a big increase in turnover
  • Signs of burnout that people can look out for in their workmates, and also in themselves
  • The techniques one can apply in order to gain calmness and resolution in a tough situation
  • How managers can become proactive in helping their team gain the necessary skills in handling conflict

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