Ilenia Vidili: Developing a Customer Centric Mindset

Nov. 2, 2022

Ilenia Vidili: Developing a Customer Centric Mindset

Ilenia Vidili: Developing a Customer Centric Mindset

Ilenia Vidili is a passionate customer-centricity advisor, author, and keynote speaker. 

She’s conducted corporate marketing for NEC, Bayer, ARM, and a broad range of start-ups, and today she is the founder of a consultancy and training company helping businesses think differently, combat inefficient processes, turn product mentalities into people mentalities, and improve customer focus.

Ilenia gives enthusiastic global keynotes in multiple languages on embracing customer-centricity as the key to unlocking the future. 

She has been inspiring leaders and C-level executives of the likes of Coca Cola, L’Oreal, Savills, Harrods, and many more. She also contributes as an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD and Entrepreneur Media magazines. 

Driven by bringing humanity to business, her mission is to see a brighter future—where companies embrace a higher purpose, create value for all stakeholders, connect their minds and hearts, and contribute positively to society. 

Ilenia is also the author of Journey to Centricity: A customer-centric framework for the era of stakeholder capitalism. 

Key Takeaways

  • Ilenia’s career journey; how she began to think differently about cx, thus deciding to leave her corporate job and start a cx consultancy agency
  • How companies recognize that they have a cx-related problem that requires Ilenia’s intervention and (or) consultancy
  • The value of customer centricity and why it’s important to always structure an organization’s blueprint based on customer needs
  • Why it’s essential for businesses to make a mindset shift from product-centric thinking to customer-centric approaches; (alongside the important duty that leaders have in ensuring a culture based on adding value to the customers)
  • Ilenia’s European perspective on how CX has changed over the last five years; both pre and post-pandemic eras
  • Personally engaging  with your customers to create more successful, long-term relationships
  • A look into Illenia’s book, and her three pillars of cx success, i.e humanity, technology, and culture 

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