How to Make Remote Working Work with Clare Price

Oct. 16, 2020

How to Make Remote Working Work with Clare Price

How to Make Remote Working Work with Clare Price
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As we are all aware by now, a huge amount of global workers are continuing to work their jobs from home. Thousands of workers that used to commute and work in a physical building are now hold up in their dining rooms, bedroom, dens and basements or garages, working hard to keep companies moving forward. We have a guest on today, Clare Price, that has been a WFH person most of her career and has taken all the things she has learned and written and great "how-to" book, called Making Remote Work.

Please feel free to download her book from the link below, compliments of Science Of CX.

Clare Price is CEO of Octain, a global strategic planning consultancy that helps small and mid-market companies grow to dominate their markets by Fueling the Speed of Business. Clare began working remotely in the 1980s as a tech reporter for InformationWeek magazine, and later as a research director for Gartner. Prior to launching CFP MediaGroup (now Octain), she was Vice President of Research for Demand Metric, a strategic marketing advisory service where she led the research analysis into cloud computing applications for marketing automation, social platforms, and several other products.

Clare is an author of two books and an experienced speaker with clients like American Marketing Association, Vistage, and many others.

Twitter: @clarestweets

LinkedIn: Clare Price

Free Book download: MAKE REMOTE WORK: A Resource Guide for Thriving in the Remote Economy