Hannah Steiman : Insource Vs. Outsource What's the CX

Sept. 13, 2021

Hannah Steiman : Insource Vs. Outsource What's the CX

Hannah Steiman : Insource Vs. Outsource What's the CX

Hannah Steinman is the Chief Operating Officer at Peak Support, a company that specializes in building and managing dedicated teams of customer service agents to high growth companies in a wide variety of industries.  Including; SaaS, e-commerce, Social Media, Business services, Transport and so much more. 

She was the 1st American higher for the company, which was founded by her husband Jonathan in 2015, and they’ve ever since worked harmoniously together to exponentially grow the company. 

In the episode, Hannah and I discuss; 

  • The procedures at peak support which guarantees better customer experience for their clients 
  • How to make outsourced agents part and parcel of the inhouse team
  • Covid 19 and how it’s impacted the customer experience world
  • How to evaluate an outsourcer. 
  • Active management:: Taking responsibility for the power and access that outsourcers have. 
  • Key performance indicators and how to hit your goals step by step
  • Top to bottom participation in customer satisfaction. 

Connect with Hannah

Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/hannahsteiman/ 

Email- hannah@peaksupport.io 

Website - https://peaksupport.io/