Frank Agin: Network to Trusting & Valuable Relationships

June 3, 2022

Frank Agin: Network to Trusting & Valuable Relationships

Frank Agin: Network to Trusting & Valuable Relationships

Frank Agin is the founder and president of AmSpirit Business Connections, where he works to empower entrepreneurs, sales representatives and professionals around the country to become more successful through networking. He is also a sought after speaker and consultant to companies and organizations on topics related to professional networking and business relationship development.

Frank has written numerous articles on professional networking and is the author of several books, some of which include; Foundational Networking, The Champion: Finding the Most Valuable Person In Your Network, and Chase Greatness: Life Lessons Revealed Through Sports. 

He is also the host of the weekly Networking Rx podcast, which provides insights and advice for becoming more successful through networking as well as the host of the daily micro podcast Networking Rx Minute, which provides short messages of inspiration and recommended action.

Frank lives with his wife in Blacklick, Ohio and together they have three children. As community involvement, he is active with The Charitable Roundtable, an organization that helps small nonprofits and social initiatives become more successful through networking.

Key Takeaways. 

  • Professional networking and the development of business relationships.
  • How Frank’s company changed their marketing plan to cope with the lockdown during the pandemic. 
  • Why networking is an inevitable component in the marketing mix. 
  • Understanding more about building relationships with people you can trust. 
  • Adding value in business relationships. 
  • The networking model Frank works with. 
  • Tips on how to  build a strong relationship with your customer. 
  • Frank's overview on networking; strong relationships that are  built over time. 

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