E.A. Csolkovits : Building a Community of Givers

Sept. 22, 2021

E.A. Csolkovits : Building a Community of Givers

E.A. Csolkovits : Building a Community of Givers
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E.A. Csolkovits is an entrepreneur, business consultant, writer, and Founder of Givers University (A community of like-minded Givers who want to help others discover the Givers mindset and transform their lives). 

E.A got into business at an early age of 16 at a commission sales job. At the age of 19, E. A. met Sam Robbins, a millionaire who mentored and guided him to become the success he is today.  

Join E.A and I today, as we discuss; 

  • E.A’s Give To Be Great Book Series, which consists of 3 books. 
  • The difference between givers and takers. Learning how to discern them by deeds, and not individual personality. 
  • The 3Ds of takers; Defitism, Disruption, and Destruction.
  • Building our relationships and community based on the kind of people we’d love to be around us, i.e Givers. 
  • DATA Reset. How a giver can overcome the temporary setback of becoming a taker. 
  • Getting over the fear of people taking advantage of you as a giver. 

Connect with E.A

Website - http://www.giversuniversity.com/ 

Your Givers & Takers Awareness Quiz - https://giversuniversity.info/