David Fradin: Successfully Launching a New Product

April 12, 2023

David Fradin: Successfully Launching a New Product

David Fradin: Successfully Launching a New Product
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David Fradin has trained thousands of managers throughout the world. He infuses his workshops with insights and experiences gained as a product leader at companies like Apple & HP. 

He was classically trained as an HP Product Manager and was then recruited by Apple to bring the first hard disk drive on a PC to market. As a result of his leadership & management skills, Apple promoted David first to Apple Group Product Manager & later Business Unit Manager at the same organizational level at the same time as Steve Jobs. 

Based upon his over five decades of experience, David is the author of the Wiley Book "Successful Product Design and Management Toolkit", "Building Insanely Great Products" and "Organizing and Managing Insanely Great Products" all available on Amazon worldwide.

Over the years, David has been responsible for 75+ products representing over $250M in revenue. In addition to all these, he is also a Distinguished Professor of Practice and Advisor in Product Management Programs. 

Key Takeaways

  • David talks about the knowledge and skills that he’s picked during his career at HP and Apple
  • The events that led up to the misguided decisions that Hp made; including the acquisition of Compaq and Tandem under Carly Fiorina 
  • The underdog mistake that most small computer companies make i.e. Defining themselves as focused on the mini-computing market rather than the computing market. Much like how railroad companies in the past have failed to identify themselves as being a part of the larger transportation market
  • The devastating side effects caused by the chasing of quarterly profits by top management - as opposed to pursuing increased annual results - and how this has devastated top companies such as HP, resulting in financially based decision making instead of customer-based decision making. 
  • Why customer satisfaction will always be the number one indicator for success in business
  • The evolution of tech companies through the years, and why companies such as Xerox, even with their amazing inventions, failed to reach peak potential or market dominance 
  • David shares his 5-step process for product success; one that has been fruitfully used by  massive companies like Apple

Connect with David

Website - https://spicecatalyst.com/ 

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidfradin/ 

Twitter -  https://twitter.com/DavidFradin1