Dan Sahar: Knowledge Management For Enhanced Work Perfomance

March 8, 2023

Dan Sahar: Knowledge Management For Enhanced Work Perfomance

Dan Sahar: Knowledge Management For Enhanced Work Perfomance

Dan is Guidde's co-founder and an entrepreneur having walked the path as a founder and operator at multiple startups and large corporations over his 20-year career. 

Prior to Guidde, Dan served as the VP of Product and first business hire at Upstream Security, a venture-backed and leading automotive cloud cybersecurity solution provider. Before Upstream, Dan was Co-founder and VP of Marketing for Qwilt, a venture-backed startup, from inception to becoming the market leader in Edge Content Delivery with eight-digit annual revenues. 

Earlier in his career, Dan held a variety of product and marketing roles in leading vendors such as Crescendo Networks (acquired by F5 Networks), Juniper Networks, and Kagoor Networks (acquired by Juniper) as well as engineering management positions at Kagoor Networks and Seabridge (Nokia Siemens Networks). 

Dan holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Business from Tel Aviv University Magna Cum Laude and an MBA (Marketing) from the Leon Recanati School at Tel Aviv University.

Key Takeaways

  • Guidde’s mission: to help businesses access the right knowledge for their operating procedures
  • Continuously improving  your knowledge-capturing processes
  • Dan’s take on the type of companies that can implement their knowledge management system
  • Alternative ways to share information, and why it’s important to diversify your knowledge management tools
  • How anyone can work with the Guidde team to come up with the best ways to capture information

Connect with Dan

Website - https://www.guidde.com/ 

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/dansahar/ 

Email - dan@guidde.co