Craig Stoss: Appreciating And Integrating The Diversity Of Your Customers

Aug. 17, 2022

Craig Stoss: Appreciating And Integrating The Diversity Of Your Customers

Craig Stoss: Appreciating And Integrating The Diversity Of Your Customers
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Craig’s background is in software engineering and driving positive customer experiences. 

He is a driven, self-starting technology enthusiast who has a record of generating success both for my company and for my customers. As a skilled strategist, Craig has created and managed projects to improve operational productivity, revenue generation, and reduce costs across small and large organizations.

Boasting over 20 years of customer-facing experience, working with customers in 30+ countries, Craig has developed a diverse understanding of cultural expectations and business processes. He has worked closely with Support, Services, Success, Development, and Marketing teams on topics like CX Processes, Scaling Global Teams, Software Engineering, IT Service Management, and Requirements Gathering.

For the global teams that he has led, Craig has designed, built, and executed successful outsourcing strategies, scaled success, support, and professional service processes, and implemented cross-functionally solutions to prepare for and accelerate growth. 

Key Takeaways. 

  • Craig’s background story and how he landed into cx 
  • What’s it like to travel and engage in business in  30+ countries globally? Craig provides us with the personal insights and lessons he’s learned over the years
  • Creating a diverse customer journey map
  • Why taking into account all your avatars is important when developing a marketing strategy for your product or service
  • How to improve cx in the outsourcing niche
  • Ensuring your in-house support team is in perfect harmony and effortlessly engaged 
  • Why a great working environment and culture is important for business success
  • Craig’s strategy for knowledge management
  • The importance of providing your outsourcers with as much inside info as possible 
  • What’s next from here? Craig shares his perspective on the future of customer support

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