Brian Bergford: CX + Performance = Business Magic

Oct. 25, 2021

Brian Bergford: CX + Performance = Business Magic

Brian Bergford: CX + Performance = Business Magic
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Brian Bergford is what many would call a Personal Performance Magician. He specializes in performance psychology, and coaches and develops customized performance systems for his clients.

Brian is also an athlete, speaker, and an entrepreneur who owns three successful businesses. 

His experience working with clients throughout the years has proven his thesis that mindset mastery through mental training is crucial for world-class performance. 

Key Takeaways. 

  • The self-mastery process. The key to solving your own problems, and why you need a performance coach to help accelerate the process. 
  • The key role that competitors play in fueling our ambitions. 
  • How performance, culture and customer experience cross paths. 
  • Communication and Ethnography. How to adapt yourself to your client’s needs in order to understand and serve them better. 
  • Benchmarks and Milestones - How to actively track your goals. 

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