Brandi Bennett: A Culture of Safely Securing Your Customers

Nov. 9, 2022

Brandi Bennett: A Culture of Safely Securing Your Customers

Brandi Bennett: A Culture of Safely Securing Your Customers

Brandi is a passionate and positive leader focused on optimal customer experience. A true cx guru, she has extensive knowledge in building and maintaining relationships, process improvement, and customer satisfaction. 

Brandi oversees a committed team who supports hundreds of businesses across the US to improve workplace operations, including JetBlue, Royal Caribbean Group, Tommy Bahama, and La-Z-Boy. 

With over 10 years of SaaS experience, she is passionate about delivering the best possible experience to customers, and with the power of innovative tech, her team helps to give workers a voice, and leaders visibility, and unite teams to improve.

Key Takeaways

  • Brandi shares her experience growing up on a farm and how it influenced her work ethic and her views on what good customer experience is all about
  • Is the customer success team more of an organization’s employees or are they more of an advocate for the customer?
  • The traits that business leaders should be looking for when bringing in new members into their customer success team,
  • Different ways to keep your team motivated and aligned with the company culture
  • How creating a pro-active culture in a company leads to your staff feeling appreciated, needed, and valued
  • What does safety culture do? What does it develop and what is its market?
  • The interrelation between the customer on boarding process and the ultimate customer experience
  • Relationship building and why it’s important to have off-book conversations as a way to better understand your customer
  • Giving the customer what they need vs customer seat retention or expansion
  • How Brandi and her team ensure all touch points are smooth, alongside tips on how they map out their customer journey as a way to identify and correct friction points

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