Bill Price: Simple Strategies for Massive Customer Success

Jan. 18, 2023

Bill Price: Simple Strategies for Massive Customer Success

Bill Price: Simple Strategies for Massive Customer Success
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Bill Price was Amazon’s first global vice president of customer service and is the founder and president of Driva Solutions, a consultancy dedicated to creating highly effective customer contact strategies and operations. 

He has more than 35 years of experience advising and directing major operations in more than 160 leading companies. 

Bill is also the co-author of The Best Service is No Service and Your Customer Rules! A book that sheds light on how frictionless organizations cut costs, grow revenue and create loyal fans by creating products and services that work so well, their customers never have to contact them for the wrong reasons.

Price is a frequent keynote speaker, graduate school instructor in marketing and global business management, Board member, and Advisor to CustomerThink with more than 50 posts. He graduated from Dartmouth College and the Stanford Graduate School of Business and lives with his wife Lori in Bellevue, Washington. 

Listen to today’s interview with Bill, and find out how you too can remove friction for any business from start-ups to major multinational corporations, and deliver great customer experiences with less effort.

Key Takeaways

  • Bill narrates the pivotal moment he realized that customer experience was a vital part of the various organizations and companies that he has worked with
  • Why is it dangerous to shield senior executives from the true voice of the customer?
  • The techniques companies should apply to the process of drafting their senior executives into being more involved with the customers.
  • Bill talks about the differences in business strategies that he has come across from the many organizations that he has been part of during the research and writing of his books
  • Companies and Senior Business Executives need to start making decisions not based on profitability but based on long-term goals and objectives
  • The companies Bill has worked with for his book: ‘The Frictionless Organization’
  • Competition in business, and why the rush to turn digital has led many companies to settle for digital tools that are confusing and difficult to navigate for their customers
  • Traits that a frictionless organization should exhibit, and how you too can test your organization against these metrics
  • Bill names a few companies that are getting it right alongside businesses that other companies should try to emulate

Connect with Bill

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