Victoria Pelletier: Human-Centered Leadership and Building Strong Cultures

April 26, 2023

Victoria Pelletier: Human-Centered Leadership and Building Strong Cultures

Victoria Pelletier: Human-Centered Leadership and Building Strong Cultures
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Victoria Pelletier is a highly successful executive with a compelling story of achievement in the corporate world. In her interview on The Science of CX Podcast, she shares her insights on the changing landscape of workforces and the impact of AI. 

Victoria is recognized across North America as a dynamic, captivating keynote speaker, published author, and dynamic executive. Her story of overcoming unspeakable odds to live a life of no excuses is both moving and incredibly inspiring.

She draws from her 20+ years in corporate senior leadership at companies like IBM and American Express to deliver engaging, inspiring keynotes to audiences across North America.

With her impressive rise to the top of companies early in her career, Victoria offers valuable lessons on leadership and personal and corporate branding. Her experience is a great resource for anyone looking to navigate the future of work and succeed in their professional life.

In this episode, she shares key lessons from her personal branding experiences and advises listeners on essential traits of successful leadership, namely; relevance, resilience, and transparency. We also discuss the importance of building trusted relationships with clients and understanding the B2B landscape, as well as the HR role becoming more strategic in terms of skills development and diversity and inclusion. 

Listen to this episode to learn from Victoria's journey and gain insights into modern leadership practices.

Key Takeaways

- Introduction: focusing on a different approach to leadership 

- Victoria Pelletier's background in corporate leadership

- Overcoming adversity in youth

- Advancement through work ethic and skills

- Lessons learned: staying relevant, building a strong personal brand, and resilience 

- The importance of transparency and relationship building in business

 - Why it’s important to avoid a political culture of empire building 

- The need for adaptation and using our brains 

-  Victoria shares a personal branding exercise and suggests resources you can use for this 

- Successful relationship building

- Managing change and transformation

- How poor communication and management lead to failure 

- The hybrid model of remote and in-office work 

- Connection to purpose and alignment with values 

- Strategic hr role in skills development and planning 

- The importance of diversity and inclusion

- Productivity and culture in the workplace

- The need for education and focus on clear deliverables 

- Compensation based on experience and productivity 

- Implementing policies and procedures that prioritize engagement and productivity 

- Victoria Pelletier's achievements and inspirational speaking career


  • The Future of Workforces with Victoria Pelletier: "Life is changing. The advent of AI is going to change all of our jobs. But the reality is that you really have to understand what's happening in workforces today, what's happening and how can we think about our workforce for the future."
  • Managing Change in Business: "Change is inevitable. Leadership has to be out in front of it. They actually have to forecast it to some degree, and then they have to have everyone trust that they're going to take them through it well."
  • Relationship-Based Selling: "Relationship-based selling is not about your product, it's not about your service, it's not about your company. It's not even about you, the salesperson. It's about them, the prospect, the customer. It's about understanding what their issues are, what their needs are, what their pain points are, what they're trying to achieve."

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