Tom Kereszti: A Lifetime of Great Business Stories

June 10, 2022

Tom Kereszti: A Lifetime of Great Business Stories

Tom Kereszti: A Lifetime of Great Business Stories

Tom Kereszti is an industry influencer, coach, speaker, educator, and mentor. His approach to leadership comes from a lifetime of international experience, and his servant leadership principles are time proven and based on biblical foundations. 

Tom is down to earth and able to strike a balance between business challenges and common-sense solutions. 

His motivational and engaging style will leave you with practical and applicable solutions that you can put into practice.

Key Takeaways 

  • Tom’s journey leading to the servant leadership path he’s on. 
  • Understanding the four keys to leadership success
  • The Importance of having foundational values that help build not just the culture in an organization, but your character as an individual
  • Elements to consider when developing a good business plan
  • Differentiating between culture and vision
  • Tom’s growth strategy that has led him to success
  • Why Tom is a big advocate of diversity of thought (And how it helps in providing different solutions for various challenges)
  • How managing international teams has helped Tom become a better leader
  • Making a connection with your audience via the three levels of communication
  • Finding a common ground to connect, communicate and negotiate with a customer

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