Peter Iansek: Why is "Why" So Important in Contact Centers & Beyond

May 18, 2022

Peter Iansek: Why is "Why" So Important in Contact Centers & Beyond

Peter Iansek: Why is

Peter Iansek is the co-founder and CEO of Operative Intelligence, an organization focused on helping contact centers identify the reality of why their customers are contacting; thus leading to consistently better decision making and customer outcomes at scale.

As business leaders, we have a very good grasp of the work we do for customers ‘the what’ but what is far more challenging to unearth is ‘the why’. 

The Why allows us to understand the true root cause drivers of our customers’ contacts, enabling us to enact preventative measures to address avoidable customer interactions and be far more proactive in our service delivery. 

Lack of a reliable and easy way to analyze contact center data and discover actionable insights, was the motivation behind why Peter built Operative Intelligence to solve the problem.

Key Takeaways. 

  • How to accurately pinpoint the drivers for friction in service delivery. 
  • Unearthing seasonal customer data as a way of better understanding the market in order to create better business processes and systems. 
  • How internal business changes + broader market changes influence and catalyze consumer behavior. 
  • Shifting your business from being reactive to proactive when handling customer needs. 
  • Re-architecting the customer journey so that it can clearly address the insights gained from customer data. 
  • Using customer data as a tool to measure your business performance. 

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